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Association «Celestino Piatti – The Visual Legacy»

The association “Celestino Piatti – The Visual Legacy” was founded in January 2019. Its aim is to make the work of Celestino Piatti known and to transfer parts of the artist’s estate to suitable memorial institutions. The association consists of members of the family – Ursula Piatti, Barbara Piatti, Celestina Piatti, Ephraim Piatti – as well as Claudio Miozzari, Dominique Rudin and Christian Stauffenegger as experts in the fields of archive cataloguing and visual design.

Anyone who would like to be informed about the activities of the association or would like to purchase works of art should follow our Instagram channel or contact the address below.



Association «Celestino Piatti – The Visual Legacy»
c/o Dr. phil. Barbara Piatti
Gotthelfstrasse 38
CH-4054 Basel
Mob. ++41 (0)78 677 66 25

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Basler Kantonalbank
«Celestino Piatti – Das visuelle Erbe»
IBAN: CH95 0077 0253 6087 1200 2
Bank-Clearing-Nr.: 770
Postkonto: 40-61-4